Hi, I am BK Lee, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at New York University, and a co-Director of the Networks in Context lab.

I study social capital, mental health, social media, political polarization, and public opinion dynamics using causal inference, network analysis, and large language models. I am interested in how temporal and spatial contexts shape patterns of social interactions, trust, and cultural beliefs, and how social environments and policy affect health outcomes. My work has appeared in the American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Science Advances, JAMA Network Open and several other outlets.

I support open science: you can find my codes and data under Data and Code, or dataverse. If you are interested in my ongoing research, please visit Research. Here’s a link to my CV.


December 2023. Our paper is published at Science Advances! Check this out!

Selected Publications

2023 “Transformation of social relationships in COVID-19 America: Remote communication may amplify political echo chambers.”, Science Advances 9(51):eadi1540 Paper, Code and data

2021 “Systematic Evaluation of State Policy Interventions Targeting the US Opioid Epidemic, 2007-2018.”, JAMA Network Open 4(2):e2036687 Paper, Code and data

2021 “Close Relationships in Close Elections”, Social Forces 100(1): 400-425. Paper, Code and data

2020 “The Role of Multilayered Peer Groups in Adolescent Depression: A Distributional Approach.” American Journal of Sociology 125(6): 1513-1558. Paper, Code and data


Email : bklee@nyu.edu